Private Presale

Shopin's token private presale offers early participants an opportunity to take up our tokens before the ICO launch and enjoy a bonus of 40%-66%.
This means that you will have the limited opportunity to pick up Shopin tokens at great value until we reach the private presale $5MM hardcap.

Presale Token Dynamics:

There will be a $5MM hard cap. Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page. We will reach out with transfer details after we receive your request. At the tokensale, we will distribute your pre-sale tokens with a 40% bonus. Commitments larger than $500,000 will receive a 66% bonus.



Shopping online just got personal

From now on, you get the benefits of a single shopper profile across the web, from security, data control to perfect recommendations on every site with no more hassles of search. In effect, creating a decentralized Amazon.

Own your data, get rewarded.

At Shopin we believe the best person to own and control your historical purchase data from retailers is YOU. You deserve to know who has access to your data, what they use it for, and be in control of whom you chose to share it with whilst gaining benefits from the experience.

If retailers had instant access to understand the full view of your historical purchases, you could easily discover the products you love on their sites. It's a win-win.

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Building value through data sharing

The more that the user shares verified purchase data from multiple sources, the more effective and valuable that data becomes. We're eliminating the paid of product discovery on retailer sites by creating a full view of the shopper across the retail web. In pilots with major retailers, Shopin shoppers transacted 22% more than non-Shopin shoppers buying the same items..

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STATS from pilots

  • Two 30 day retail pilots
  • 719,000 signups
  • $14.7MM generated for retailers
  • 22% transactional conversion lift
  • 72k Shopin users onboarded 65k new users

The Shopin team

Shopin's engineering team have worked side-by-side for over a decade at Priceline. They're bringing that synergy and wisdom together to change the paradigm of retail and ecommerce.

Eran Eyal, CEO and Cofounder

Eran is a serial entrepreneur with three exits as a founder. With over a decade of experience in retail and ecommerce, Eran was astounded at how there is no clear view of the shopper across all retailers to drive a real understanding of who we are when we log into a site or walk into a store. Moreso, that the retailers are forced to scrounge for third-party unreliable data to give shoppers the best experience on their sites, whilst shoppers never have control or visibility to where their data is or what's being done with it.

Other achievements: Winner of United Nations World Summit Award for innovation; Winner of TechStars and AlleyNYC pitchnites; Winner of Mentorcamp Global finals; FastCompany world’s most innovative startups; Investor and advisor at multiple startups

Divakar Rayapaty

CTO | CoFounder

Divakar worked at Priceline for 14 years as a member of the engineering team. He was instrumental in building Priceline’s core offer processing platform. Since Priceline, Divakar has been the CTO, cofounder and early-stage angel investor at Flowhealth and Makersbrand and director at Mezoclick.

Mike Rizzo

VP of Product Development

Mike worked alongside Divakar for 14 years at Priceline, where he was the VP of engineering. Mike was responsible for the entire Priceline website, all mobile, desktop customer and consumer-facing applications. At Priceline, Mike managed teams of 40+ engineers and product focused employees.

Abhishek Yermalla

VP of Engineering

Abhi is a seasoned architect with more than 12 years of experience in e-commerce & engineering. Abhi played a major role in designing the payment systems, provider integrations & building the core infrastructure at He was twice awarded the annual CEO achievement award during his 8-year tenure at

Jeremy Harkness

Blockchain Technology Officer

Jeremy served as the CTO and Head of R&D at Barrows, CTO at HP Ticket, and CTO and founder of Strattice where he invented of the world's first remotely managed, mini-server & fail-over router Most recently Jeremy has been focused on the blockchain for the past 4 years, building a substantial portfolio and driving technology initiatives.

Michael Herman


Michel Herman has spent over 20 years in senior positions at some of the retail world's most prestigious brands, most recently as the Global President of Sales at Elie Tahari. Formerly Michael was an SVP at Donna Karan, DKNY, and Valentino. Recently Michael has branched out into the world of startups as a founder and investor. He brings a wealth of experience in retail and deep industry connections that drive Shopin's sales strategy.

Joanne Lee

Head of Operations

Joanne is a corporate executive gone entrepreneur, cofounder of TAPevents. Previously Joanne enjoyed years of executive experience and consultancy, including being the portal strategist for Audi America. Joanne holds a B.Comm at the University of Calgary in International Business and Harvard program on Negotiation Strategies

Vladimir Ustinov

Senior Engineer

Vladimir has served as a Senior engineer at Maker’s Brand, Flow Health, Eigengraph and other technology startups. He holds a masters degree in cosmic physics and ecology Tomsk State University.

Alexey Kulyukin

Senior Engineer

Most recently, Alexey served as a front-end engineer at Maker’s Brand, and backend engineer at Flow Health, working closely alongside Vladimir. Alexey was Head of Department at National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University before embarking on a startup career path to follow his passion for building products that people will use.

Strategic Advisors

Shopin's is proud to be supported by industry experts in retail, startups, and crypto.

Steven Nerayoff

Focus: ICO, token economics, blockchain, AI,

Steven Nerayoff is well known in the crypto space as the Architect of Ethereum ICO. He is also the Founder, and CEO of Maple Ventures and Alechemist Ventures, and the Founder, and CEO of CloudParc.

Jeff Pulver

Focus: business development and distribution

Jeff is a renown Investor in over 350 startups and coFounder of Alchemist Labs. He is recognized as one of the pioneers in VoIP, serving as an advisor and mentor at many companies. Jeff is also the Founder of MoNage, a technology conference that he has evolved from the well known Von..

Nathan Low

Focus: business development and adtech

Nathan Low is a veteran startup mentor and investor in over 120 startups. He is the president and founder of Sunrise Financial Group, which focuses primarily on US and Israeli-based startups. Nathan was the cofounder of IBM's Alphazone Accelerator in Israel.

Sampo Parkkinen

Focus: business and product development

Sampo is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor. In 2007 he coFounded RapidBlue which was acquired by ShopperTrak where he became the Director of Product Management. Today he serves as the CEO of Revieve and is a mentor to startups at Techstars Chicago.

David Drake

Focus: Capital raising, business development, PR, and blockchain

David Drake, through his family office LDJ Capital, has acted as GP & LP investors with his partners in fund-of-funds, realty funds, venture capital funds & hedge funds. David's investments currently have 50+ global directors that maintain relations with institutions & family offices with $1.5 trillion in assets.

Moshe Bellows

Focus: business development, partnerships and retail

Moshe Bellows is an entrepreneurial executive with over twenty years of leading, advising and investing in successful ventures. Moshe has founded, raised capital for and consulted to numerous ventures across multiple industries, including technology, real estate, healthcare.

Garrette Furo

Focus: cryptocurrency, blockchain, fintech, strategy

Garrette is an accomplished cryptocurrency trader. He generated 3000% YTD ROI as of August 15 2017, beating Bitcoin by over 2000% without significant leverage. He holds a bachelors degree in molecular neurobiology and alternative investments.

Our CEO pitches Shopin recently at Blockchain Economic Forum: